Big Foot and Little Foot: The Squatchicorns, by Ellen Potter, illustrations by Felicita Sala, 131 pp, RL 3

Big Foot and Little Foot: The Squatchicorns
by Ellen Potter, illustrated by Felicita Sala
Review Copy from Abrams Kids

This third book in the Big Foot and Little Foot series finds Hugo and his best friend Gigi making a birthday present for Boone, Hugo's human friend, when some they learn they have visitors. Nogg and Yama are Sasquatches with horns on their heads, also known as Squatchicorns, who, with their parents and their whole clan, have had to flee their home cavern. And they have a secret. As Hugo and Nogg make their way to Boone's house to attend his birthday party, Hugo tries to to find out why the Squatchicorns are on the move. Nogg tells a story of moving to Craggy Cavern after a flood only to have things go missing. Then an eerie blue light is seen floating in the dark passages of the cavern. By the time the strange sounds start, the Squatchicorns - and Hugo - are feeling spooked. Hugo is not sure he believes in ghosts, but it definitely sounds like the cavern is haunted!

Boone, Hugo and their new friend Nogg celebrate Boone's birthday and learn more about Nogg. Together, they decide  take Boone's boat and return to Craggy Cavern to retrieve Nogg's prized possession, the notebook where he kept all his notes and maps about the North Woods, notes that would have earned him a North Woods Expert merit badge and help him become a Falcon Scout. Once there, they bravely search out the source of the strange occurrences and find . . . 

Well, you'll have to read the book to find out what is in Craggy Cavern! But I can tell you that Potter wraps up this sweet story of friendship (new and old) birthdays and adventure with the gift of one of my favorite things to find in a book - a map of the North Woods!

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