The Questioneers: Ada Twist and the Perilous Pants, by Andrea Beaty, illustrations by David Roberts, 144 pp, RL 3

Ada Twist and the Perilous Pants
illustrated by David Roberts
Review Copy from Abrams Kids
In this second book in the Questioneers Series of chapter books (based on the phenomenal picture book trilogy, soon to be a quartet) the constantly curious Ada Twist and knowledge of the scientific method save the day when a pair of pants engineered by her pal Rosie send Uncle Ned up into the clouds.
It is great to get to know more about Ada, and her interest and wonder for the world around her bursts off the page. And I definitely love seeing more of the mod 70's designs in her home and on her family! Ada begins her day pursuing the science behind smells, with a brief moment of future planning for experiments that will determine which came first - the chicken or the egg. With a brief reminder from her brother, Arthur, to remember Rule No. 1: Don't take Arthur's things without his permission, she moves on to more of her favorite thing - having a question to explore. Fortunately, Ada has been studying air, gases and smells, taking notes, making observations and asking questions because Uncle Ned and his helium-filled pants are floating high above the ground. Thinking about the forces pulling Uncle Ned down, and the forces lifting him up, Ada figures out how to get the floating uncle to move, and in the right direction.

With inspiration, and eventually help, from her brother, Ada figures out a way to add mass to Uncle Ned and get him back on solid ground. Until it doesn't work. A little more scientific knowledge from Ada, along with a hose from the fire truck, driven by Beau and Bee from the Blue River Creek volunteer fire department, as well as Uncle Fred in the Zoo Bus, make for a fine rescue.
Back matter includes a chapter on citizen science  and the ways everyday people gathering data help scientists with their research. Ada, naturally, is a participant in the Great Backyard Bird Count, and there is also a section on the importance of observing animals, especially birds. As with the first Questioneers book, Andrea Beaty has written a rhyming ode, this time to gas.
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Coming November 5, 2019!

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