The Big Book of Adventure by Emily Ford & Tim Warnes

The Big Book of Adventure
by Emily Ford & Tim Warnes
Review Copy from Silver Dolphin Books

At the start of The Big Book of Adventure, two book loving friends meet and share the adventures they have been on - in the pages of books. Ford's gently rhyming text takes readers through stories they are sure to know and love, starting with a mad tea party. Under the sea with a mermaid, through the woods with a girl in a red hood, on to a treasure island and a meet up with a fairy who can make you fly. There is a space race, a dragon and three bears as well as a magic carpet ride.
What makes The Big Book of Adventure truly delightful is the rich variety of illustration styles that accompany every new adventure the friends describe. From classic to collage, comic book to painterly, the styles transport you with every page turn. The Big Book of Adventure ends perfectly with one friend saying to the other, "I'd love to see the things you've seen . . ." To that, the friend replies, "You lend your books to me, and I'll lend mine to you!"

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