The Cook and the King by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by David Roberts

The Cook and the King
by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by David Roberts
Review Copy from Abrams Kids
Donaldson and Roberts are a picture book dream team - and HOW did I not know about their four other collaborations? (see below). With The Cook and the King, Donaldson's gift of rhyme is pairs perfectly with Roberts's gift (and flair) for detail, design, patterns and fantastic facial expressions.
The Cook and the King begins, "There once was a very hungry king / Who needed a cook like anything." Sadly, one by one, he dismisses all the potential cooks in a very funny two-page spread that includes a flaming pudding and a green jelly (Jell-o) with sausage poking out! For some reason, the King decides that a timid looking fellow with a wooden spoon tucked in the brim of his chef's hat is the one for him. The King decides that he's in the mood for fish and chips and, handing a net to him, tells Bob he'll have to catch the fish.
Terrified, Bob let's the King coax him onto the ship and, with the King's help, they catch some fish. From digging potatoes to frying up chips, the King helps Bob. Finally, sitting down to share the meal they caught and cooked, the King is full and happy and Bob finally seems to calm down. Then the King tells him he's got the job of Royal Cook and the wide-eyed, frightened look returns to Wobbly Bob's face.

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