Cat & Moue by Britta Teckentrup

Cat & Mouse by Britta Teckentrup
Review Copy from Prestel Publishing
Cat & Mouse is cat and mouse story, as you might expect. What Teckentrup brings to this rhyming story of hide & seek, run & chase are her marvelous illustrations and wonderful design. Cat & Mouse is an this oversized board book with die cuts on every page that the mouse either hides in or escapes through. Anticipation builds with each page turn as little listeners spot the nest place the mouse will flee to. With an extra big head and ears, Teckentrup's tiny mouse is adorable and her cat, while imposingly regal at times, never brings the claws out. Tecekentrup's illustrations have a retro feel and a palette of muted but contrasting colors. She plays with dark and light move her story forward an the penultimate and final two-page spreads are stunning, with the die cuts working perfectly with the surprise ending. Cat & Mouse is a straightforwardly elegant book that kids are sure to love! 

PS: I was tempted to take a piece of yarn and thread it through the book as I read. Definitely give this a go with the little person you read this book with!

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