Dinosaurium curated by Chris Wormell and Lily Murray, 96 pp, RL4

Curated by Chris Wormell and Lily Murray
Review Copy from Big Picture Press, an imprint of Candlewick Press
If you are familiar with any of the titles in the phenomenal Welcome to the Museum series of oversized, encyclopedic books, then you don't need to read anymore - you already know how beautifully designed and illustrated these books are. These are books to get lost in, books to inspire curiosity, books to cherish. While they have an antique, academic feel to them, the information inside is anything but dated. Experts introduce each book, putting the content into context. A professor of Paleontology from the University of Chicago tells readers, "We are experiencing a renaissance of dinosaur discovery and research, which has caused paleontologists to rethinking some of the earlier science and understanding of these prehistoric beasts. So use your journey through the dinosaur world in the pages that follow to inspire and further your interest." 
Each book is designed to read like a museum tour, beginning with a chapter titled, "Entrance," where readers learn what awaits them. A cladogram, also known as a dinosaur family tree, gives readers a preview of how the dinosaurs are organized within. While the book itself is huge, each dinosaur only gets one or two hearty paragraphs of information, supplemented by a, "Key to the Plate," which describes the illustration, offering more details about the dinosaur. Five "galleries," or chapters on the different dinosaur families, are followed by a sixth gallery featuring non-dinosaurs, like marine reptiles and Mesozoic mammals. Extinction and survivors round out the gallery. The final chapter, "Library," includes an index and suggestions for further reading.
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