Fish Everywhere by Britta Teckentrup

Fish Everywhere by Britta Teckentrup
Review Copy from Big Picture Press
Fish Everywhere is a stunningly, beautifully illustrated and designed book, from the embossed cover with gold embellishment to every marvelous page, whether a two-page spread that encompasses a habitat or one that scientifically details the ocean food chain. Teckentrup imbues her book with a playful humor from the first page, titled "There are Fish Everywhere," where an asterisk invites readers to find the swimmers on the page that actually ARE NOT fish, to the final endpapers where the bristlemouth, the most common fish on Earth that is a mere 3 inches long, is depicted and readers are told there is ONE hidden somewhere in this book.

Teckentrup divides her book into twelve topics, covering anatomy, history, fresh water, deep sea and coral reefs. The life of a fish, from feeding to survival, schools and parents are also covered. The penultimate pages of the book detail the amazing journey of the Atlantic salmon from the freezing waters of the North Atlantic to the rivers where they were born in Europe, North America and Russia. A page turn ends the book with the relationship between fish and people, including information about over fishing, the damage plastic refuse (like straws) is doing to the fish and their habitats and marine reserves.

Fish Everywhere draws readers in with engaging illustrations an hooks them (pun intended) with bite-sized nuggets of information that are sure to make readers hungry for more!

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