Midnight at the Zoo by Faye Hanson

Midnight at the Zoo by Faye Hanson
Review Copy from Templar Publishing
It's field trip day at school for Max and Mia and they are READY to go! With their animal ears on and a backpack full of supplies, they are off. They trundle like elephants, cling like monkeys and nibble like lemurs, hiding like "scardey meerkats" at the back of the line as their class is shepherded into the zoo.
As their class moves from enclosure to enclosure, their spirits sag. All the animals are asleep and hidden! As their group heads for the bus, Max and Mia are have their faces pressed to the glass of an exhibit, unaware that they are being left behind. But, the pair aren't afraid. Max is prepared and, when the clock strikes midnight, they make a new friend - a lion cub who takes them on a tour of the zoo, so different now that all the animals are awake. With poetic flair, Hanson employs alliteration, from the "flouncing flamingos amid fabulous fountains," to the "mischievous monkeys in marvelous mountains," then on to the, "loud laughing lemurs with lanterns alight" and the, "pandas who prance through pagodas all night," Max and Mia are entirely enchanted. And, exhausted, they fall asleep with their new friend, curled up next to the mother and father lions...
Any reader who has been to the zoo knows the sadness of looking for a nocturnal animal (like my favorite, the lesser red panda) is sure to love Midnight at the Zoo

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