Scratchie: A Touch-and-Feel Cat-Venture

Scratchie by Maria Putri
Review Copy from Simon & Schuster

I love ABSOLUTELY everything about this book! From the title to the intense expression on Scratchie's little face to the superb design, especially the way that the sparse use of colors in this predominately black and white book come together on the spine and in the borders around the text. Scratchie, who speaks in all caps, is one serious cat who methodically approaches her/his surroundings with the goal of scratching satisfaction. With every scratchable moment, Scratchie's expression changes just a bit as Putri deploys innovative touch-and-feel moments in her story and with her surfaces, even when it feels like something you may have seen before. 

As the book comes to a close, Scratchie has an "uh-oh" moment as the homeowner can be seen in the corner of the page, her hands on her head, jagged lines that indicate screaming making a halo around her. Scratchie, in true cat fashion, is unrepentant, wondering what should be scratched tomorrow. The final page shows Scratchie, eyes closed, curled up with the hint of a smile and the words, "OH, I KNOW! HOW ABOUT ME?" And there is a seriously soft patch of black faux-fur that is a delight to run your fingers over.

Maria Putri is from Indonesia and currently based in Brooklyn, having graduated from Parsons in 2017. And she makes the COOLEST toys for kids! As she says, "Storybook illustrations are close to my heart, but I also enjoy crafting knick knacks and design toys," a few of which you can see below. More on her website!

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