T-Rex Time Machine by Jared Chapman

T-Rex Time Machine by Jared Chapman
Review Copy from Chronicle Books
T-Rex Time Machine is HILARIOUS! But, having read it out loud to several classes of varying grades, I can also tell you that it has so many teachable moments in it that I have to edit myself when reading out loud so that I don't ruin the comedic pace of the words and pictures.
Chapman begins his book, "One day, a time traveler traveled back to prehistoric times . . . which he quickly regretted." (Teachable moment: ask for students to define the word, and then ask them something they regret doing or saying.) With their tiny hands and big heads, the T-Rex can be a very funny dinosaur. Chapman runs with this, as his always hungry duo (after commenting that the time traveler was, "So much work for so little meat.) steps into the time machine looking for more to eat. Landing at the pick-up window of a drive-through, they are amazed to find that, "THE FOOD COMES TO US!" They quickly discover that, "FOOD IS EVERYWHERE!" Just as quickly, they attract the attention of the police and are on the run, through a donut festival, with a smartphone they picked up along the way. Back in the time machine, they are far from safely on their way home when a temper tantrum over a missed chance at a donut triggers Siri, who sends the dinosaurs back in time, just not far enough...

I won't ruin the joke, but it is yet another teachable moment in this fantastic book! 

Among many other books, Chapman is the author of 
Vegetables in Underwear
which I reviewed in 2015!

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