The Colorful World of Dinosaurs by Matt Sewell, 96pp, RL3

The Colorful World of Dinosaurs by Matt Sewell

Fascination with dinosaurs starts at a very early age, and Sewell's big, beautiful book is perfect for the youngest future paleontologists. Sewell's delightful watercolor illustrations present dinosaurs with gentle eyes and the occasional smile, with the sharp teeth of carnivores rarely on display. Two pages cover dinosaur groups and families, diets, times and climates. Each dinosaur is given a two page spread, almost always taking up both pages. The name is followed by the length, weight, time period and diet, then a paragraph or two of playfully written text about the dinosaur (or plesiosaur, or other related family). The Colorful World of Dinosaurs is perfect to read in chunks, a little or a lot at a time. Or, it can be enjoyed without being read at all, simply enjoying the lovely illustrations.

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