Ants Don't Wear Pants! by Kevin McCloskey

Ants Don't Wear Pants! (Giggle and Learn) by Kevin McCloskey
Review Copy from TOON Books
Ants Don't Wear Pants! is the fifth Giggle and Learn book by Kevin McCloskey I have reviewed and it is every bit as engaging, informative and funny as the first four! New readers will be able to tackle the chunks of text on each page, as well as the word bubbles when the kid-narrators speak. McCloskey begins with a boy and a girl talking about having ants in their pants, moving quickly to the world of ants, the girl shrinking down to the size of an ant to better learn about them. McCloskey is skilled when it comes to scientific drawing that are also engaging and understandable for young readers. Starting with the life cycle of an ant, he goes on to show readers the four senses that ants have, all of which they use to communicate with. There is even a page that shows readers what 1,000 ants look like! McCloskey also show readers just a few of the many kinds of ants, then ends his book with a few fascinating facts about ants, like they raise and milk tiny insects, they can lift up to 50 times their own weight, and that elephants are scared of ants that live in trees! And, as the illustration above shows, some ants can explode and cover their enemy in goo... I especially love the pages that show what ants eat and what eats ants. Yet another great addition to the Giggle and Learn series!

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