Lucky Stars: Mr. Wolf's Class Book 3 by Aron Nels Steinke, 171 pp, RL 3

Lucky Stars
Mr. Wolf's Class #3
Purchased from Barnes & Noble
I don't usually review every new book in a series, but, because I knew I was going to read this book, knew my students were clamoring for it, and also know that I will want to talk to them about it, and because I completely adore it, I have to review it and shout about it. Aron Nels Steinke has a gift for capturing real kids, authentic kid emotions and oddities. In fact, he starts off Lucky Stars (after a brief visit from the rats) with a student, Sampson, sitting cross-legged on the carpet, waiting for Mr. Wolf to start the lesson, picking his nose and wiping it on his pants. Mr. Wolf discretely intervenes but Sampson is oblivious, although the students around him seem to know what's going on. Been there, done that.

Mr. Wolf tells his class that they will be writing personal narratives, shaping the rest of the story. Sampson (who is seen playing with his mechanical pencil, clicking the lead out) cannot think of anything to write about. Then he and Margot ride their bikes to the top of Chicken Hill and a chicken - and a crash - give him something to write about. But first, he has to recover. And do his homework. How Sampson decides to finally do his homework, writing his personal narrative, with his non-dominant hand, and how he returns to class - the same day Randy returns from Hawaii where her moms were getting married (and she conveniently remembered to ask for homework for the week as she was leaving class for the day) - make for a super ending to this superb graphic novel. And, I absolutely loved Mr. Wolf's praise for Sampson and final comment, "I can't wait to read it again after you spend some time revising and editing it. The final draft is where it's at."

Indeed. The final draft is where it's at. Love, love, love Mr. Wolf and Mr. Steinke.

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