Ghoulia and the Mysterious Visitor by Barbara Cantini, 48 pp, RL 3

Ghoulia and the Mysterious Visitor
Review Copy from Abrams Kids
In this second book in what promises to be a trilogy - or more! - the creepily charming Ghoulia and the curious inhabitants of Crumbling Manor are back for more fantastically illustrated adventures and bonus content in the back matter. 
At the start of Ghoulia and the Mysterious Visitor, it's been raining for days and Ghoulia is bored and a bit lonely. Her (new human) friends have not come to play, Tragedy, her dog, is out hunting frogs, and Auntie Departed is obsessed with the plants in her greenhouse, particularly the Chatterbox Ivy, a misunderstood plant that grows and thrives when spoken to. Happily, an unexpected visitor arrives! Cousin Dilbert has traveled from Fancy Manor, however, his manners are anything but fancy. He is rude and demanding and complains about everything. Fortunately, the doorbell "Aroos" and, one by one, Ghoulia's friends appear at the door, invitations in hand. Auntie Departed has invited them all to a "formal surprise dinner" at the manor. But, before they can enjoy their food, they have to find the missing Auntie Departed and a disappeared guest. Candles in hand, they explore Crumbling Manor and find a surprise in the greenhouse! 
Cantini concludes her story with a very funny twist and a rare moment when a bad attitude can actually save the day. As with the first book, there are fun, story related activities and recipes in the back of the book. Cantini even takes the time to show readers how to address a letter . . . 
Book One:
Ghoulia: Making New Friends Can Be Scary

 Already out in Europe and coming soon...

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