Roly Poly by Mem Fox and Jane Dyer, photographed by Jeanne Birdsall

Roly Poly by Mem Fox & Jane Dyer
Photographed by Jeanne Birdsall
Review Copy from Beach Lane Books
I can't resist a picture book that is illustrated with photographs of dolls and stuffed toys as characters, probably because I grew up reading The Lonely Doll books by Dare Wright. Filled with hand-felted polar bears, Roly Poly is a double delight as it reunites picture book greats Mem Fox and Jane Dyer. This pair partnered for the bedtime classic, Time for Bed in 1993 and a tiny version of this book can be found in the adorable bedroom Dyer created for her red scarf wearing, reluctant big brother, Roly Poly, created using wool from the author's own sheep!
With the single-minded simplicity of a toddler mindset, Fox tells the story of Roly Poly, who is happy being an only bear. When he wakes up one day to find a little brother named Monty next to him, he puts his nose in the air and pretends not to see him, proclaiming, "I never asked for a little brother and I don't want one now," an attitude and sentiment he will repeat often over the course of the books. Roly Poly tries to tolerate Monty, but when the cub snatches Roly's walrus-tooth-toy right out of his paws, Roly wishes he would get lost. And he does! The ice they are on groans and breaks and Monty drifts away, crying for help. Roly dives into the icy sea to rescue his brother and they live happily ever after, mostly...

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