Playing with Collage by Jeannie Baker

Playing with Collage: 
Learn the Art of Collage from a Master
Review Copy from Candlewick Studio
Baker is the author of many stunning picture books using natural materials to create her complex illustrations that often seem to jump off the page. With this beautiful picture book, she gives readers tips on the tools needed, the various materials to consider and the methods to employ when crafting a collage. Divided into four main sections, she guides readers on creating a collection of materials and how to play with it. While Playing with Collage is ideally a book for older readers, with an adult nearby, it can be enjoyed by and adapted for young readers looking for a new creative outlet. That said, Baker does remind readers not to collect anything that is still living for use in a collage, and not to touch anything sharp or dangerous. She also lets readers know when to bring an adult on board for supervision, like when she tells readers how to cook noodles for use in a collage.
Even if you have no intention of making a collage of your own, this is a fascinating read with superb photography and design.

A few of Jeannie Baker's Books:

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