InvestiGators, Volume 1, by John Patrick Green, 208 pp, RL 4

InvestiGators, Volume 1
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InvestiGators, Volume 1 is a non-stop, plot packed, laugh out loud graphic novel about Mango and Brash, two gators who are also InvestiGators. The word play is fast and furious as these two work to find a missing celebrity baker while also getting to the bottom of an incident at the Science Factory (where science is made). And, in the midst of all this, the evil criminal and escape artist HouDino is up to no good while someone from Mango's past reappears as the CrackerDile.

Green is also superb with acronyms. Mango and Brash work for S.U.I.T. (Special Undercover Investigation Team) and are supplied with every V.E.S.T. (Very Exciting Spy Technology) for every need. In fact, the duo, after flushing themselves down the toilet to get to HQ (gators on the sewers . . . ) they meet Sven Septapus, a seven armed Octopus who has one robotic arm, and they are fitted with their new V.E.S.T.s, which are, literally, vests. And, in my favorite gag in the entire book, the gators are chased out of Farms & Royal Bookstore for using the bathrooms that are for customers only! 

Even if readers don't get all the jokes, they will get 100% enjoyment from InvestiGators, Volume 1 and be left wanting more! Happily, there is a second volume on the way and other fantastic graphic novels from Green with links to my reviews!

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