My Friend Earth written by Patricia MacLachlan, illustrated by Francesca Sala

My Friend Earth 
written by Patricia MacLachlan
illustrated by Francesca Sanna
Book Design by Sara Gillingham Studio
Review Copy from Chronicle Books

My Friend Earth is an enchanting picture book filled with flaps and die-cut designs that perfectly emphasize the wonders of nature. MacLachlan's poetic text follows an anthropomorphized Earth as she walks through the seasons, tending to the flora and fauna she loves - definitely a friend you would want to spend the day with. Sanna brings Earth to the page in the form of a playful, cherubic giant with brown skin and rich, dark flowing tresses. Earth begins her journey, waking from her winter nap, and rides the wind, makes the rain and wrings out trees when there is too much. She guards and guides her creatures through the world, settling down with them to sleep again for winter.

MacLachlan, a beloved author with decades of awards, takes readers on a marvelous journey, but it is Sanna's bright, bold illustrations and the character she creates in her version of Earth, paired with the intricate, perfectly placed designs cut into every page that makes My Friend Earth unforgettable.

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