The Seedling that Didn't Want to Grow by Britta Teckentrup

The Seedling that didn't want to grow 
Review Copy from Prestel
The Seedling that didn't want to grow is yet another stunning picture book, both in story and illustration, from Britta Teckentrup. This story about the resilience and the will to grow that exists in the natural world does double duty as a metaphor for late bloomers who blossom and thrive with the support and love of others. In Teckentrup's story, Ladybird and Ant notice a seed  that has yet to grow, silent among all the other seeds that have burst into life. Along with a community of insects and creatures in the, Ladybird and Ant nurture the seed, clearing a path to sunlight and helping it grow. By summer, the seed has become a large plant, as happy as can be, filled with blossoms and home to all kinds of creatures, "full of love and life." In autumn, her leaves turn brown and fall, and her seeds are carried away by the wind, Ladybird, Ant and the other creatures who loved her watching on. In winter, Ladybird and Ant say their farewells. Spring brings new seeds in the ground, ready to grow, Ladybird and Ant looking on.

Teckentrup's collage like illustrations shift palettes with the seasons - the images shared here do not do them justice. The presence of Ladybird and Ant as caring, loving supporters of the reluctant seed are a gentle, reassuring presence as readers join the seed as she struggles to grow, thrives and goes dormant, the wind carrying her seeds to begin new life.

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