DONUT the Destroyer by Sarah Graley & Stef Purenins, 189 pp, RL 3


DONUNT the Destroyer 
by Sarah Graley & Stef Purenins
Purchased from Barnes & Noble
Last year I reviewed and loved Graley's GLITCH, the story of a gamer who gets sucked into a new game. Graley brings her action-packed, candy-colored illustrations and her big-eyed, sweet natured characters back to the page in DONUT the Destroyer, created with her partner Stef Purenins.

I ask you, how can you resist a book with a title like this??? And, the title delivers! Donut ("middle name 'the' / last name 'Destroyer'"), known for her super strength, comes from a long line of super villains. Unfortunately, Donut just wants to hone her power for good, and she will get the chance to do that at LIONHEART SCHOOL FOR HEROES! Surprisingly, her parents support Donut's decision. Unsurprisingly, they expect her to drop out once she sees what it's like. Even though she's late for her first day (her dad took her alarm clock to build a robot that both destroys and cleans up) and mildly ostracized, Donut finds friends and purpose as she faces her biggest challenge yet, her former best friend and villain with a penchant for summoning ghouls, Ivy.

Will Donut show her teachers and peers that she has what it takes to be a student at Lionhart School for Heroes AND win the coveted role of Junior Prefect? Will she find a way to get Ivy to understand her choices? Will she get her parents to understand? Graley and Purenins create a world filled with fantastic monsters, wacky super villains and the coolest treehouse yet. 

Donut and her parents have brown skin of various shades and Martha, Donut's new friend at Lionhart, has dark brown skin and Artie, Donut's other new friend, has white skin and blond hair.


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