The Little Kitten by Nicola Killen


The Little Kitten
Review Copy from Simon & Schuster
The Little Kitten the kind of holiday picture book I adore - it evokes the event, but can be enjoyed any time of the year. Killen's gentle, kindhearted story - with just the right amount of suspense - is made even better by special touches that add magic to the already charming illustrations. A palette of greys and black is accented with two shades of orange, including orange foil on just the right amount of autumn leaves and perfectly placed cut-outs that draw the story along.

Ollie, in her cat suit, heads outside with Pumpkin, her cat, to play on an autumn morning. A pile of leaves reveals a little black kitten and new playmate. After a while, Pumpkin curls up for a nap while Ollie and the kitten run father and farther into the woods. There, she finds trees plastered with missing cat posters and a very familiar looking cat. "I need to take you home," Ollie whispers to the kitten. A gust of wind and a whoosh of leaves lead the pair to the kitten's home just as Ollie realizes she has forgotten Pumpkin - and she is a bit lost. A familiar meow guides here home where Ollie and Pumpkin curl up under a blanket. Through a window, A witch and her cat can be seen zooming by on a broom, an orange-foil-tail of sparks behind them. The next day, a thank you gift (a pumpkin with a cat face) appears at their door.

The perfect book for the littlest listeners who are just starting to be aware of Halloween. And, of course, this a a superb story for cat lovers of all ages! The Little Kitten is the newest addition to the Little Animals Series, that includes The Little Reindeer and The Little Rabbit.

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