Gift Giving Guide with Chronicle Kids, Part 2

Piece It Together Family Puzzle: Owl Aboard!
I loved doing puzzles with my kids, and working at Barnes & Noble for all of their childhoods, I had an amazing array of quality puzzles to choose from at every level of complexity. Happily, when I became an elementary school librarian, the sturdy puzzles my children did over and over were in good enough shape for a whole new set of kids to enjoy them. In my years of buying puzzles, I never encountered one like Owl Aboard! With 60 pieces, it's a good challenge for kids who already have some jigsaw experience under their belts. What is especially cool about this puzzle, and what makes it a "family puzzle" are the size of the pieces. The top half of the puzzle is comprised of 20 large pieces and the bottom half is made up of 40 smaller pieces. So, a more skilled puzzler can work on the lower part while the younger puzzler works on the top! The puzzle divides in a place that works naturally with Wednesday Kirwan's  charming illustration. At 14 x 20 inches when completed, Owl Aboard! is a good size but won't take up too much space on the table or the floor. And yes, I did open the box and put this puzzle together!

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