Crow & Snow by Robert Broder, illustrated by Olivier Tallec


Crow & Snow 

written by Robert Broder & illustrated by Olivier Tallec

Review Copy from Simon & Schuster

Brorder and Tallec's story of patience, resilience and courage is the perfect read for the times we are living though, probably more for the adults doing the read than the children being read to. The takeaway from this charming, quiet book is one that will resonate with all who read it for years to come. Built by a farmer and placed in a field, the friendly Crow tries to greet all who pass his way - without luck. As the season changes and snow falls, the farmer's children build a snowman right next to Crow. Cautiously, the two strike up a friendship, neither knowing if they will see each other again. Through wardrobe changes and blizzards that offer the pair a cozy home to share, "I'll miss you," and goodbyes are said over and over until the year the children are too old to build a snowman. Years pass and Crow stands alone, telling himself that he "will tell him how I feel," when Snow returns. When new children come and Snow finally returns, Crow still struggles to share his feelings. A gust of wind blows Crow into Snow's arms, giving Crow the nudge he finally needs to say, "I love you," to Snow. "I love you, too," Snow replies.

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