Sleuth & Solve: History by Victor Escandell


Sleuth & Solve: History by Victor Escandell

Review Copy from Chronicle Books

The twenty mind-twisting mysteries in Sleuth & Solve: History are, as the introduction tells readers, "inspired by historical facts and, at times, real people," but ultimately fictional. Readers are invited to use logic and imagination to solve the mysteries, which vary in difficulty. When the logic icon appears, readers will be given a setting and a clue and should know that the solution lies in the text or in the illustrations and they should read and observe carefully. When the imagination icon appears in a puzzle, readers will need to use their perspective and thinking differently because, while the mysteries may appear simple, "the logical answer is usually not the right one." Even better, there are instructions on how to sleuth and solve as a family, in teams or on your own. 

Each mystery is contained in a two-page spread with the answer hidden under a flap in the lower right corner of the recto page. The verso begins with the historical era, type of puzzle and difficulty, then gives a brief description of the era. On the recto, the mystery unfolds in stages, each one numbered. Escandell's illustrations are comical but also detailed, evoking the historical era immediately. Besides barbarians, druids, and pharaohs, Caligula, Robin Hood, Thomas Edison, Sherlock Holmes, and Harry Houdini make appearances. Sleuth & Solve: History is a superb book for a range of ages and perfect for a family game night!
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