Music Is . . . by Stephen T. Johnson


Music Is . . . 
Review Copy from Simon & Schuster
Music Is . . . is a unique non-fiction picture book that unfolds like an accordion to intrigue, engage and inspire readers to make musical explorations of their own. Covering ten different types of music, Johnson's lyrical text and vibrant, collage like illustrations celebrate and educate. On one side of this unfolding book, brief descriptions and musical text give readers a taste of classical, Latin, jazz, country, heavy metal, hip-hop, rock and roll, R&B, electronica and pop. Latin is, "a kaleidoscope of passion and emotions that can heat the floor under your feet and expand your mind with color." Electronica is, "liquid sound cascading over an endless sea of happy, neon-colored faces." Rhythm and Blues is, "a rainbow of emotions rising up after the rain clears, when tears turn to smiles." Reaching the end of the book (where Johnson asks, "What is your sound?) a flip of the page provides supplemental material for each of the ten types of music where Johnson provides more background, the types of instruments typically used and examples of the kind of music for readers to explore along with a quote from a musician. 

Music Is . . . is the perfect gift to give to musicians and/or music lovers with a littler person in their lives. Johnson's book invites lap sitting, reading and listening, so be sure to have a something to play music on (phone, piano, stereo, cello, computer) nearby.

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