The Box of Emotions: 80 Cards To Make Sense of Your Feelings by Tiffany Watt Smith, illustrated and designed by Therese Vandling


The Box of Emotions: 80 Cards To Make Sense of Your Feelings 
illustrated and designed by Therese Vandling
Review copy from Laurence King
Dr. Watt Smith, investigator of the hidden cultural forces which shape our emotions and director of the Centre for the History of the Emotions, is the also author of the book, The Book of Human Emotions: From Ambiguphobia to Umpty -- 154 Words from Around the World for How We Feel, the text of which The Box of Emotions is based on. She is also the giver of the excellent TEDTalk of the same name. Adapting her brilliant and engaging book into a beautifully designed, wonderfully organized box of cards is truly a gift that can be used and enjoyed in a number of ways.

Each of the 80 cards contains a mini-essay on a different emotion on one side and a mesmerizing color pattern on the other. Increase your emotional (and intellectual and cultural) intelligence as you explore the aspects of emotions, taking a deep dive into their global roots, meaning and varieties. There are eleven categories, each of which contains five to eight emotions. Traveling from Zen to Bliss, Enjoyment, Possibility, Ego, Heat, Heartache, Angst, Loathing, Bitterness and Emptiness, Vandling's unique palette and stunning designs pair with each card, taking you from the peachy glow of Zen to the bleak grey of Emptiness.

The Box of Emotions is a superlative way to expand your emotional intelligence and a great tool for teaching. Learn more about yourself and everyone around you with this beautiful box that is truly a treasure.

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