More Exciting Picture Book News!

First a Proclamation, then a Challenge from illustrator and author Matthew Cordell, now an push to make November official Picture Book Month as well as a great new picture book blog, Excellent Kids' Books! Every day in November founder Dianne de Las Casas, and Co-Founders, Katie Davis, Elizabeth O. Dulemba (author/illustrator), Tara Lazar and Wendy Martin will share a post a new post from a picture book champion explaining why he/she thinks picture books are important. Click the link for excellent resources like activities, links to illustrator/author websites, and links to the 2011 Picture Book Champions. 

In other exciting news, it's that time of year again! 
The New York Times 
list of ten books has been revealed! 

Check next Sunday's book review for the printed list and other great kid's books items when the review puts out it's annual kid's holiday issue. The lovely illustration above is by a favorite of mine and one of the judges on this year's panel, Sophie Blackall. Below are the ten titles that were chosen this year. I am especially please to see two favorites of mine from this year, Ice, by the estimable Arthur Geisert. And, of course, John Klassen's I Want My Hat Back, which reads a bit like an wryly arch version edition of Elephant & Piggie gone native.


And, most exciting, this new  book review blog, Excellent Kids' Books, started by one of my faithful readers. Donna, who is passionate about reading quality picture books to her three kids, has introduced me to many a great picture book over the years. Something unique and special that Donna brings to her blog is her skillful use of the public library system in her home town. Because of this, she and her kids are exposed to a much wider range of titles than I will ever encounter working in a bookstore. Although she just started her blog a couple of weeks ago, I have already discovered books I had not heard of (like Railroad John and Red Rock Run by Tony Crunk and Michael Austin and Mary and the Mouse by Beverly Donofrio and Barbara McClintock) and plan to seek out immediately. I especially love the tagline for Donna's blog, "For those times when the thought of reading another Dora, Diego, Clifford or Elmo book makes you want to SCREAM!" More details about Donna can be read below...

I'm a wife and a mom.We have two sons and a daughter, aged 6, 4 and 2. I have a passion for kids’ books.Well, technically I crossed the line from passion to obsession after purchasing 400 kids' books and from obsession, it was only a hop,skip, jump and purchase of 150 more books to crazy obsession. I decided that before I went from crazy obsession to a candidate for A&E Hoarders, I should probably find a way to rechannel my desire for personally acquiring excellent books into recommending that others do so. My blog will feature books from our collection with 3 recommendations a week. Our little ones love books as much as I do. I'm so grateful to the extraordinarily talented authors and illustrators out there for giving my husband and me a lifetime worth of memories of being snuggled up with our kids reading, laughing and enjoying excellent books. I am confident that our children will look back on this daily ritual as the fondest of their childhood memories. Lastly, unless indicated, all the books I recommend are still in print and are available to be purchased online AND/OR are available at the wonderfully extensive Chicago Public Library.


nopinkhere said…
Cool! I snagged Ice from the library based on your rec. It is so cute/fun! We also grabbed a couple more of his pig books and have enjoyed them very much too. Thank you!
Donna said…
Wow, Tanya. I was at a lost for words when I first read your post. I had to wait a few hours in order to be able to express my gratitude. Your praise of my blog means the world to me because you really were my inspiration. When I found your blog I knew we were kindred spirits. I had never met anyone who loved kids' books as much as I do. Sure, I know plenty of people who like to read to their kids and like a good book. But you were the first person I met who had a passion for them. I am a daily reader of your blog because that passion shows in each one of your wonderful recommendations. I have bought dozens upon dozens of books that I wouldn't have heard of, had it not been for you. Thank you. Thank you!
Tanya said…
Excellent! Geisert's books feel a bit like more mature versions of Richard Scarry. It's nice to have something full of contraptions and ingenious animals that appeals to older kids.
Tanya said…
@Donna - You are so welcome! Here's to kindred kid's book spirits!

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