Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking, written and illustrated by Philippe Coudray, 31 pp, RL 1.5

BENJAMIN BEAR in Fuzzy Thinking 

Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking

TOON BOOKS hits another home run with their latest offering, Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking by Philippe Coudray. This book had me and my son in stitches when read it together. If you can imagine a little bit of the zaniness of Elephant & Piggie rubbing off on the bear from I Want My Hat Back who has chosen to befriend rabbits, not eat them, then you can begin to get a feel for Benjamin and how he operates. The book is made up of thirty-one single page adventures that range from subtle to deadpan to silly to sweet. I think that Benjamin really speaks for himself, so please check out the images below. Although this review is brief, do not consider this a reflection of my feelings for the book, which will always be special to me. The night after we first read Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking my son took it to bed with him and actually READ the words and not just the pictures as he is wont to do. It made my heart sing a little to wake him up the next morning and find the book tangled amongst his sheets!

The TOON BOOKS website has a great selection of things to do and use and is really worth taking a look. I was drawn to the TOON Into Reading Kit that gives you a printable spread of scenes from the book that need to be cut out and placed in sequential order. There is also a two panel spread that is blank for readers to create their own comics! This is one of a really amazing selection of resources to go with every book they publish. There is also the CarTOON Maker, which lets you make your own cartoon online using characters and scenes from TOON books. Finally, there is an Online Reader which lets you read three of the TOON books in Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish and, of course, English.

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