Toys Galore by Peter Stein, illustrated by Bob Staake

Toys Galore is the third fantastic "Galore" book from Peter Stein and Bob Staake. Stein and Staake are perfectly paired - Stein's adjective packed rhymes are often as colorful and kooky as Staake's generously populated illustrations. Despite the title, Toys Galore is so much more than a cataloguing of toys.

Stein's quatrains highlight the functions of toys and the fun you can have with them, always emphasizing the benefits of sharing toys while playing. Staake's illustrations support this sense of communal play and mutual fun. What I love most about the text, though, is the way that Stein and Staake feature homemade-creative-thinking-toys like blocks, clay, tin can phones, go carts and cardboard box robots.

The final stanzas of Toys Galore end brilliantly, pondering what the best toy in the world could possibly be. In tune with the rest of the book, readers discover that the best "toy's found inside yourself. It's there - right now! A toy SENSATION! Your very own imagination." 

I'm not sure what other GALORE explorations Stein and Staake can pursue, but you can be I will be the first in line for the next picture book this duo decides to publish!

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