Good Night, Planet by Liniers, 40pp, RL 1.5

Good Night, Planet is the third book the Argentinian born cartoonist Liniers has created for TOON Books, and I love all of them, which are published in English and Spanish, equally. If you aren't familiar with TOON Books, they are the amazing publisher of high-quality comic books for emerging readers and are celebrating ten years of spectacular titles, many by established, award winning creators of comics for adults. I have been reviewing TOON Books almost since they debuted and you can read all of my reviews here.
The Planet of the title is a marvelously illustrated, amazingly expressive toy - a stuffed fawn to be exact. Liniers' storytelling, both words and pictures, takes you immediately to an unseen world - the quiet, sleeping house at night. After a busy day, Planet is tucked into bed, right next to his girl. But, as soon as she is asleep, Planet kisses her on the cheek and heads off on an adventure of his own.
Good night, Planet moves between real and surreal with a perfectly dreamlike flow. Planet bounds down the stairs, but faints with fear when scared by a noise, which turns out to be Elliot, the family dog. Planet and Elliot have a pretty hilarious relationship that wavers between true companionship and tentative fear. 
 After "letting" Elliot chase and then shake Planet vigorously, the two take a cookie break and are joined by a mouse who tells them that the biggest cookie ever can be seen outside, from the top of a tree. The mouse, who is named Bradley, convinces Planet to reach for that cookie. After all, Planet's arms are so long! The reach and the leap ends with a tumble through the branches and a soft landing in a pile of leaves. The trio return to the house where they finish their cookies and head off to their beds. Night turns to morning and the final words of the book come with a stretch, a yawn and, "Good morning, Planet."

Good Night, Planet is a graphic novel and a beginning reader, but it is also a marvelous, magical sweet story that is perfect for bedtime or, even better, mornings when little listeners crawl into your bed.

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