Little Guides to Great Lives: Ferdinand Magellan, Charles Darwin, Anne Frank, Stephen Hawking & Maya Angelou, 64 pp, RL 3

Little Guides to Great Lives
Review Copies from LaurenceKing Publishing

In 2018 I reviewed the first five titles in this fantastic series featuring Marie Curie, Leonardo Da Vinci, Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo and Nelson Mandela. With a small trim size of 6 x 8 inches and a length that is twice that of a traditional picture book, these biographies bring something new and wonderful to the shelves. Short and engaging, these books put the subject into historical, political, artistic and scientific context for readers on page one while back matter for each book includes a timeline of the subject's life, a glossary, and index and, when applicable, a page detailing how the life of the subject impacts our world today. When possible, quotes from the subject are included in the book, appearing in the same color as the cover. Illustrations include word bubbles, fact chunks and representations of letters, journals and other personal artifacts of the subject that make it even more engaging. A new set of books has been added to this series featuring Charles Darwin, Ferdinand Magellan, Anne Frank, Stephen Hawking and Maya Angelou. I hope this series continues and look forward to learning about great lives of inspiring figures from other countries and cultures around the world.
Little Guides to Great Lives
Ferdinand Magellan
illustrated by Dàlia Adillon

Little Guides to Great Lives
Charles Darwin
by Dan Green
Illustrated by Rachel Katstaller

Little Guides to Great Lives
Anne Frank
Illustrated by Paola Escobar

Little Guides to Great Lives
Stephen Hawking
illustrated by Marianna Madriz

Little Guides to Great Lives 
Maya Angelou
Illustrated by Noa Snir

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