Ghoulia and the Ghost with No Name by Barbara Cantini, 48 pp, RL 3


Ghoulia and the Ghost with No Name by Barbara Cantini
Review Copy from Abrams Kids

I am SO HAPPY that the smart, kind, creative Ghoulia - and all the inhabitants of Crumbling Manor - are back for more adventures. When a faded, frowning ghost with no name appears outside her window, a mystery unfolds. The ghost does not remember his name, and what's worse, Grandad Coffin tells Ghoulia that he will go to Oblivion and disappear completely if no one can remember his name very soon. Studying the ghost's clothing, Ghoulia consults Fashion Design Through the Centuries and determines he was born around 1810. Auntie Departed tells Ghoulia she could consult the church register, but under no circumstances should Ghoulia enter the village church. Of course, Ghoulia disobeys - a ghost's existence is on the line! - and has a hilarious moment in a coffin trying to hide from the caretaker. Discovering the ghost's name just in time, Ghoulia invites him to the annual "Dead But Not Departed" New Year's Eve party and even gets gussied up in an old dress of Granny Coffin's in her signature color - purple! All her friends from the village come to the party and Ghoulia spends the night spinning across the dance floor with her newest friend.

As always, Cantini brings so much to her wonderful stories of the zombie girl and her creepy family. Her detailed illustrations are filled with all sorts of extras, including side notes about the antics of Ghoulia's extended family, especially the very clever, well dressed greyhound, Tragedy. Best of all, back matter includes activities, crafts and recipes. And a sneak peek at the cover of the next book, which looks to be set in Venice, Italy!

Coming soon 
(and already available in Cantini's home, Italy) Book 4!!

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