FOX & RABBIT: Make Believe by Beth Ferry, illustrated by Gergely Dudàs, 87 pp, RL 2


Fox & Rabbit: Make Believe
by Beth Ferry, illustrated by Gergely Dudàs
Review copy from Abrams Books
Opposite buddies are the perfect pair for books for emerging readers, and Fox and Rabbit do not disappoint over the course of the five stories (all of which have alliterative and/or rhyming titles) in the second book in what will soon be a trilogy, Fox & Rabbit: Make Believe. Their disparate personalities are on display in the first pages of the Story One, "Money, Marshmallows, & MMMMMM," where the friends find they have 20 quarters, 23 dimes and 143 pennies (math! Yay!) Fox suggests they buy an ice cream store, a roller coaster or possibly a submarine, Rabbit's frustration growing with each outlandish idea. The friends, along with constant companion, stuffed lion Fred, decide to head to the ice cream store. Rabbit knows exactly what to order and consumes it slowly, while Fox orders a little bit of everything, chomps it in one bite. Fox, staring longingly, asks Rabbit for a lick, nibble or even tiny piece of the cone, to which Rabbit hilariously responds, "Double scoop of no."

The friends go on to enter a bubble gum chewing contest (that results in an upsetting haircut for Fox) then head to the playground where they have some great imagination play with a new friend. Final stories find the friends picking pumpkins and exploring a corn maze then carving pumpkins with friends and enjoying their glow (fueled by fireflies) as the sun sets. A perfect way to end a wonderful addition to the graphic novel and beginning reader shelves!

More in the Fox & Rabbit Series!

Also by Beth Ferry
Coming 2021! 
And in 2022 - Stick & Stone the graphic novel!

Also by Gergely Dudàs

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