Welcome to the Museum: Fungarium, curated by Katie Scott and Ester Gaya


Welcome to the Museum: Fungarium 
curated by Katie Scott and Ester Gaya

If you have read any of the seven previous Welcome to the Museum books (click here for my reviews of them) then you can stop reading now. You already know what a gorgeously designed, elegantly illustrated, well organized, engaging book Fungarium is. Written by Dr. Ester Gaya, a Senior Research Leader at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where she conducts research on the diversity and evolution of fungi, Fungarium is a marvelous way to learn more about these mysterious, misunderstood organisms that are more closely related to animals than plants. Scott (she also illustrated Animalium and Botanicum) creates scientific illustrations that are delicately radiant works of art.

Fungarium is divided into four galleries with smaller divisions within. From biology and diversity to interactions and fungi and humans, readers receive a "Welcome to the Fungarium" at the start of the visit, exiting through the library where there is an index, biographies of the curators and resources for learning more about fungi. Illustrated pages are partnered with keys to the plates and a paragraph or more of information. While the scientific language can make for tongue-twisting at times, the information is presented clearly and concisely in this exquisite book.

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